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Ease into French

By Adele Click Education

Looking for a unique experience learning a new language?

I can help you build up strong foundations while having fun.

I know what works and I can help you build up strong foundations in 8 weeks!

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Ease into French is the Beginner level of the 3 courses I offer. After 8 weeks you will be able to speak in the present tense about your habits, things you like and much more while enriching your vocabulary from real-life situations.
We will sample French clichés to get you a real taste of the Frenchies' culture. You should also be able to pronounce a decent "rrrrr" and read a French recipe.

Pick up the right menu for your appetite!

Next sessions starting on March 25th

Dedicate 10 minutes to 1 hour per day to learn French over 8 weeks.

Packages for Beginners

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A bit of time

$180 / 8 weeks

  • Email pack: receive 4 days per week learning materials (video, document, text, audio and more) via email.

  • Do homework, ask questions and get feedback.

  • Participate in weekend challenges!

À  la carte

Some time

$295 / 8 weeks

  • Everything in the Apéritif Menu

  • Connect for 1h live class every week (up to 6 students per class).

  • Participate in round tables and speak French with your class mates to practice French conversation.


More time

$450 / 8 weeks

  • Everything in the Apéritif and À la carte Menus

  • Add 3 mini-private classes (30 min) with your teacher for personalized feedback.

Limited number available
Please check for availability
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I already have good foundations but I need more practice.

Moi je suis

en train d'apprendre !

You already know well the present tense, the difference between "un" and "le", how to ask questions, make negative sentences and a basic use of the French pronouns.

Je parle déjà un peu français.

Discover the Apprentice and Intermediate courses.

Get an idea of what to expect!

Easing into French day by day


Intro video - See below and check it out!

You will receive a first video where you can learn how to say Hi and tell who you are in a casual way. I will also give you tasks and make you explore vocabulary. You will see after 7 minutes that you can understand some French on your own!


Worksheet and Homework

You will receive a document where you will learn about gender of words in French language. I will help you understand key concepts and you can start putting together vocabulary and criteria that will help you build up strong foundations. 


Audio practice

Because listening is as important as speaking, I will send you some audio recordings and exercises to make you feel more confident with your pronunciation and better at picking up what French people are saying. 


Zoom class

We will connect to have a class together. You can practice what we studied so far by introducing yourself to the group and practicing your pronunciation with my feedback.


Weekend challenge and French culture

You will work on some new materials to learn more about French culture. We will also deconstruct (or confirm) some clichés about French people and other nationalities! And stay tuned for the weekend challenge!

Ease into French sample
Play Video

Click to play the video of the first day of Ease into French!

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Atlantic Ocean
SWIM into french

ready for

the next level

Apprentice and 

Intermediate courses 

$295 for the 8 week course

Every week:

1h live class (up to 6 students)

Homework, videos, audios, worksheets

Round tables

Metro Station
Dive into french

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Starting on March 25th
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Adele is enthusiastic, well-prepared and really personable.
She offers interactive classes with follow-up work and is so easy to engage with.  I really enjoyed our six week introduction to French and liked her unique approach focusing on everyday vocabulary. She offers an affordable program, I would highly recommend it.

— Karen, School Teacher

I loved the Ease into French class! Adele is a great teacher, very patient, and really cares that her students succeed. The class allowed for anyone from different backgrounds in French to get a great base understanding of the language. Within a couple weeks, we were all speaking simple sentences with each other.
Her Youtube videos are fun and informative. She provides different materials for different learning styles (visual, audio, etc). My favorite part of the week was the Zoom classes where we would meet and practice together (and make friends!).
I hope you enjoy the classes as much as I did!

— Jonathan, Software Engineer

Ease Into French was a great course. Adele is passionate and creative in her approach to teaching. These qualities motivate the students achieve their French language goals.

— Robert, Lawyer

I had excellent experience with Adele and highly recommend this program!
I picked the course with once a week zoom class and am a total beginner for french.
The amount of information you receive per day was not too much yet very detail, easy to digest and I really enjoyed the different study materials video, audio and so on. Her approach will always keep you interested. After a few weeks of this class, I could make a sentence in french and being able to have some conversation in french. I also recognize many wards/sentences in french music or shows.
You can not compare this program with app or reading text book or even once a week language class.
I will keep taking her program and be fluent in French sooner!!
Totally worth trying out this program!

— Emii, Accounting Manager

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of Ease into French

Want to know about my other classes? Interested in weekly group classes or private lessons?
Please send me a few words, I'll get back to you shortly.

547 Dolores street San Francisco CA 94110


Online classes via Zoom

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