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Take off for a six week journey into French language and culture. Adele is your pilot, so be ready for an innovative and fun teaching style!

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Starting mid-September!

Dedicate 10 minutes to 1 hour per day learning French over 3 months.


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A bit of time

$300 / 3 months

  • Email pack: receive 5 days per week a learning material (video, document, text, audio and more) via email.

  • Do homework, ask questions and get feedback.

  • Participate in Weekly challenges!


Some time

$350 / 3 months

  • Email pack

  • Do homework, ask questions and get feedback.

  • Participate in weekly challenges!

  • Connect to live lessons for 1h once per week.

  • Join a community and share about French language and culture.


More time

$450 / 3 months

  • Email pack

  • Do homework, ask questions and get feedback.

  • Participate in weekly challenges!

  • Connect to live lessons for 1h once per week.

  • Join a community and share about French language and culture.

  • Meet people every once a month for a small group private class.



After three months you will be able to speak in the present tense about your habits, things you like and much more while enriching your vocab from real-life situations.
We will scratch French clichés to get you a real taste of the Frenchies' culture. You should also be able to pronounce a decent "rrrrr" and read a French recipe.



Easing into French day by day


Intro video

You will receive a first video where you can learn how to say Hi and tell who you are in a casual way. I will also give you problems and make you explore vocabulary. You will see after 7 minutes that you can understand some French on your own!


Worksheet and Homework

You will receive a document where you will learn about number and gender in French language. You will also have opportunity to practice what we learned before with problems and exercises.


Audio practice

You will learn some basics about French conjugation seeing one of the mostly used French verb in action. I will also tell you a bit more about my approach and why I believe my technics can make a difference.


Zoom class

We will connect to have a chat together, in both French and English. You can practice what we learned from the beginning of the week introducing yourself to the group and practicing your pronunciation with my feedbacks.


Weekend challenge and French culture

You will work on a surprise material to learn more about French culture. We will also deconstruct (or confirm) some clichés about French people and other nationalities!


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Starting in September!


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Ph.D in Biology at Paris-Sorbonne University

Certified French teacher (DAEFLE French degree)

Qualified translator


Born and raised in Paris.

Lived in Tokyo for 5 years and enjoyed Japanese culture.

Settling in San Francisco and starting a new adventure!


As a former scientist, I have a genuine passion for understanding the world surrounding us. I have never stopped being a researcher, I just switched my field of study from Biology to French language. Now I am dedicating my time and energy to assist you learning French while having fun and without any effort!


  • We will work from concrete situations instead of unclear translations to use your brain before your computer.

  • I will give you original pronunciation tips and tell you original French stories.

  • I will not stuff your brain with useless information like, what is a verb, preposition or past participle, let's just speak french!

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My   Philosophy

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn"

Benjamin Franklin



I learned more in 1.5h with Adèle than in 2 months with my language apps.

— Jason, Frontline programs Manager

I would describe Adele as sharp, curious, and very patient.

I became Adele's student a year ago when I could barely put two words together in French. A couple of lessons in, we started talking in French about subjects that were interesting and relevant: work, family, etc. The lessons were energizing and fun, and I felt motivated to speak with whatever words I had.


Today, our conversations are livelier than ever. I can finally talk with my French fiance in French and it is not super boring :).

Adele is an enthusiastic and talented teacher, with her you will learn fast while enjoying the process!

— Arina, Product Manager


of Ease into French

Want to know about my other classes? Interested in weekly group classes or private lessons?
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547 Dolores street San Francisco CA 94110


For obvious safety reasons,

all classes are online until further notice.


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